I don't know how you feel about the weekends but I spend the whole week looking forward to the weekend. Sunday is over and Monday begins all I can think about it what I’ll be doing that weekend! Get out enjoy the weekend with some events happening around town!

This is the finally weekend for the CSI: the experience at the Buffalo Museum of Science. I’ve actually been to this exhibit twice and I can’t get enough of it! One of my favorite TV shows is CSI so of course I had to picture myself as one of the actors on the show solving the crime! Now it’s your turn to put your investigative skills to the test and be a crime scene investigator. With this exhibit you’ll get the chance to step into a world of cutting edge forensic science and investigative techniques. The coolest part about this exhibit is you’ll be guided by investigators from the TV show along with their real life forensic science counter parts. You’ll spend the day formulating a hypothesis, validating your findings based on the forensic evidence you have collected and hopefully solve the crime! This weekend is the last chance to view the exhibit so don’t miss out on being a real CSI!

Another favorite of mine is the Buffalo ComedySportz. This event will have everyone in the family rolling on the floors laughing! Comedy Sports is this Improv comedy show that they set up as a sport. Remember that show whose line is it anyways with Drew Carey. It’s just like that but even funnier! There is 2 teams that compete for the biggest laugh while a referee calls the fouls. They even get suggestions from the audience so you know this isn’t scripted. These actors are great! Think about it, if they are getting suggestions from you the audience on what they should do next nothing can be pre-planned or scripted so these actors have to be witty and quick on their feet to make you laugh! I have to say my stomach hurt from laughing so much when I left! Take the kids too! Everything they do there is clean. If it’s not you’ll get what they call a Brown Bag Foul and you’ll end up wearing an actual paper bag over your head. The Buffalo ComedySportz takes place in the Arena on Main Street in Amherst on Friday and Saturday nights.