Happy Father’s Day weekend! I firmly believe that yes every man can be a father but it takes a special person to really be a dad to someone. I can honestly say that my dad is my hero. Treat your dad’s the best weekend ever! Here are some activities that will definitely score you brownie points with your dad!

This weekend at Our Lady of Sacred Heart in Orchard Park is their 5th Annual Parish Lawn Fete. Tonight the festivities run until Midnight and tomorrow they kick off at noon and go throughout the day till everyone’s had plenty of fun! Join them for live music by Boys of Summer and Black Widow. Two amazing bands that Dad is going to LOVE! Along with that you can treat Dad to a great meal! There is a fish fry, Polish Dinners, and a Chicken BBQ to choose from. Tomorrow make sure you take Dad to the Motorcycle and Car Show. You’ll get to wander through the cars and listen to your Dad talk about the cars he had when he was a kid. That’s definitely my favorite part. Besides all of that fun they even have rides you can take the family on and of course a Homemade Pie Bake Off Contest. It’s the 5th Annual Parish Lawn Fete at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church on Abbot road in Orchard Park.

Another great activity to check out this weekend is Dad’s Dollar Day at the Zoo. Seriously if you’re a poor college student but you want to show Dad how much he means to you then this is the event to head to! Dad gets into the Buffalo Zoo for just $1! Together you can wander through the zoo and explore the different animal families at the Zoo. Seriously it doesn’t matter how young or old you are the Buffalo Zoo is a great adventure for the entire family! The Buffalo Zoo’s Dad’s Dollar Day runs Sunday from 10am to 4pm.