Charlie Sheen Negotiating New Sitcom Deal: Report
Troubled actor Charlie Sheen may be returning to television sooner than you might think.
According to sources for TMZ, the former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star, who was unceremoniously fired from the top-rated CBS sitcom in March for disparaging comments he made at creator Chuck Lorre, has reportedly rec…
Charlie Sheen Trying to Trademark Catchphrases
While Charlie Sheen mania seems to be calming down a bit, the self-proclaimed possessor of "Adonis DNA" is betting that some the colorful catchphrases he coined or popularized during his unprecedented pop cultural rampage will stick around for a long time.
Was the Sheen Saga the Biggest Marketing Ploy Ever?
Charlie Sheen's "WINNING" streak continues, as is exclusively reporting that CBS wants the troubled actor back on 'Two and a Half Men' just weeks after Warner Bros. unceremoniously fired him from the show.
Which has Jack FM wondering if all of this was…
Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” Remix [VIDEO]
The Train Wreck that is Charlie Sheen, keeps pumpin' out the hits. If you have a computer, some fancy video editing software, and auto-tune, maybe you can come up with a Charlie Sheen Mash Up as good as this one. Keep it coming YouTube. It makes Jack FM's Day.