The start of his "Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an option" tour was anything but Sheenious... Unless the definition of Sheenious is: to guarantee failure and disappointment! Charlie Sheen opened in Detroit on Friday, April 1st, with his Torpedo of Truth tour and by 30 minutes into Sheen's portion people had already had enough.  The crowd continuously booed him along with getting up and walking out all together!

According to Entertainment this show had failure written all over from the opening act.  A geeky stand-up comedian opens for Charlie, and gets boos almost immediately.  Finally Sheen comes out to try and calm the crowd in hopes of giving the comedian a chance.  The crowd goes crazy for Sheen, yet he let's the comedian continue until he is ultimately booed off stage.  Then the lights come back on and a movie montage begins, which confuses the crowd.  When Sheen finally begins around 9 P.M. the act is all over the place... possibly a glimpse of what it's like inside that skull! People only gave him 15 minutes on stage. About 9:15 the walkouts begin, and Charlie does not get any better.  When the booing got bad enough Sheen had the nerve to say "I already got your money dude"...WOW

Tonight Charlie will be attempting to win over the Cleveland Crowd and hope it goes WAY better! Don't blame the trolls if this one goes fatally wrong Charlie!