5 Dos of Dressing for a Job Interview
Everyone knows that scoring a job can be a difficult and tedious process. The most important part, though, is nailing the interview, and that starts with dressing your best for the job you want. Check out these interview dressing dos to help you land your dream job (or at least one that pays the bil…
15 Ridiculously Cool Nail Art Designs
If Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyonce and Pinterest are any indication, women are rediscovering the concept of nail art. That is, they’re turning their fingernails into majestic works of art through heavy, heavy bedazzling.
The Hot New Trend for Guys? ‘Mantyhose’
Back in the 1970s, football great Joe Namath did a television commercial for pantyhose, proving that with enough charisma and swagger, the right guy can sell just about anything. His ad was meant for women — but a whole new generation of hose and tights are aimed squarely at men.