Back in April 2012, Buffalo was voted as the least fashionable city by -- who knew!?

According to

Buffalo, NY ranked as the least fashionable city in America with an index of 0.10. This makes Buffalo ten times less fashionable than the average big city in America, and 32 times less fashionable than its downstate neighbor, New York, NY. Perhaps Buffalo's lack of fashion can be chalked up to its abundance of snow days.

Pffft! Personally, I think people just don't understand our unique way of dressing and, thus, wouldn't know that we Buffalonians express ourselves! We're just too clever for those fashion elitists. They should know that, here in Buffalo, hot fashion statements include:

  • A Bills or Sabres jersey worn on casual Friday -- or a Bruins jersey with "I HATE LUCIC" on the back nameplate. Buffalo pride!
  • Zubaz. Those things never went out of style in Buffalo! My brother just threw his out two years ago under penalty of death. His response for why he wore them? “They were comfortable and didn't have holes in them!”
  • Flip flops in a snowstorm. They aren't just for summer! Ever seen someone wearing them in a snow storm? Because I have. If the sidewalks are clear, the flip flops are near!
  • Wool knit hats paired with shorts. Did you think Californian skaters started that trend? Naw -- Buffalonians trademarked the winter hat/shorts look. And while we're on the subject...
  • Shorts in the winter. My guests who come to visit me in our fair city often give this one the “What the...?” look. I reply that the shorts-wearing person is also in a sweatshirt, so maybe their legs don't get cold.
  • T-shirts that have quirky sayings on them. Examples include Polish phrases like, “You bet your dupa I'm Polish” or “You bet your pierogis I'm Polish," or a Buffalo t-shirt with the Polish falcon it. Jestem z Buffalo!

So I raise my glass of Loganberry (while wearing my Zubaz) to the city of Buffalo and its many uniquely (un)fashionable Buffalonians!