It’s fall in Buffalo, and it’s time to start dressing for the weather. Goodbye t-shirts and flip-flops, hello sweaters and boots.

Now that I've stopped dressing for the sun, I've noticed that some of the things that girls wear are weird. Like, really weird. And I guess that makes me really weird for wanting to wear them. But, here's my attempt at helping the male population understand why certain clothing pieces are functional and cute.

(Alexandra Wyman, Getty Images)

Leggings. Before you scream, leggings ARE pants. Pants (as defined by Merriam-Webster) are: an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle. By my observation, wouldn't that make leggings pants?

And, guys, you wonder why we wear them. Leggings are far more comfortable and far less restricting than jeans, and they're a bit classier than sweatpants or yoga pants. As long as you follow the shirt-covering-your-butt rule, I don't see why people hate on them. (And, guys, I know you secretly like girls who wear them. I'm on to you.)

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Rain boots. The other day, one of my guy friends asked me why girls are so obsessed with rain boots. He claimed they’re nothing different than regular boots and couldn't understand why we love them so much. One reason: puddles. Sorry, I'm five, and I like to jump in the puddles, and rain boots help keep my feet dry. They're also good for snow and pretty much any weather. Why wear anything that will get destroyed? Which leads me to…

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Uggs. This is one fashion trend I don’t try to understand. I think Uggs are hideous and far too bulky. And they don't serve any functional purpose in Buffalo weather. Seriously, they soak through, they're not durable, and they turn into a shapeless mess at the end of the season. The one plus is that they're really darn comfortable – basically clouds for your feet. But I still don't get why anyone would pay that much for a boot that is essentially a slipper.

(MissMessie, Flickr)

Legwamers. This is another fashion trend I don't quite understand but still find myself loving. Legwarmers are basically socks that don't cover your feet. They were originally used as dancewear for ballerinas in order to keep their muscles warm and to keep them from cramping. Today, they serve the same purpose, but you don't have to be dancing to wear them. They're perfect to go with your winter boots – just tuck them in, and your legs are instantly warmer. Guys, just pretend they're socks, and I promise you'll be OK.

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Scarves. I love scarves. Winter scarves, silky scarves, patterned scarves – if you can put it around your neck, I love it. But want to know what I hate? Being told it’s not cold enough to put a piece of fabric around my neck. Think of a scarf as a tie for women. I can put it around my neck, and the outfit is dressed up – just like guys put on a button-up, tie and jeans on when they go to the bar. You just instantly look a little bit better. And it still doubles as protection from Buffalo’s icy wind and blizzards.