Being the “Miss” of a city, state or meat product is a solemn responsibility. They’re not just standing on a stage in a pair of pumps and a string bikini so the world can shallowly judge them. They are also representing their hometown.

Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn, winner of the 2012 Miss Seattle pageant, found herself in a bit of hot water and not the kind that makes you thank God for hot tubs.

The former Miss Phoenix and Arizona State grad posted some tweets on her Twitter account trashing her beloved Emerald City for their iconic bad weather and “annoying people.” She wrote, “Ew I seriously an (sic) hating Seattle right now…” and “Take me back to az!!! Ugh can’t stand cold rainy Seattle and the annoying people.” Most interesting in all this is that Ahn made the comments back in December 2011, yet this is all just coming to the surface now.

The postings prompted a firestorm of angry Seattle-ites responding to Miss Seattle’s tweets. Ahn took to the airwaves to tell the people she was just having a hard time adjusting to life outside Arizona, calling it a “culture shock to be back in Seattle.” She deleted the offended tweets and apologized.

Hopefully, the people of Seattle forgive Ahn. If they take away her crown there is always ‘Babe of the Week.’