While you might admire someone with a full head of hair, the complete bald look is becoming more popular... Or is it popular because more people are losing their hair?

So, do you have a head that would look good with no hair? Before you do anything drastic, perhaps you should start with a swim cap to get an idea of how you might look. Good candidates for a bald head are men (or women) who have more of a rounded head, rather than pointy. Just think of someone like Bruce Willis compaired to Homer Simpson, who would you rather look like?

Strong facial bones can also help you look more attractive without any hair, which will also help to bring out your masculine structure.

Now your new shaved head can win you some money in Jack FM's March Baldness. Click here to submit your naked, bald photos.  We mean naked head. Whaddya think we meant? If you'd like to try the bald look, or just want to shave your head to win a cool grand, here's a video to guide you through the process...