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‘The Daily Show’ Workplace Goes to the Dogs
There’s no reason to believe Jon Stewart is anything but really, really cool. He’s a pro at the alphabet game, after all! Although this might be difficult to comprehend, we’ve discovered the funny guy has reached an entirely new level of awesome. And i…
Standard and Really Poor: Jon Stewart on Credit Rating
Like most Americans, when Jack FM needs its news, it gets it from Jon Stewart. On last night's Daily Show, Stewart broke down the debt crisis and the falling credit rating of the U.S. Not only does Apple have more liquid income than our government, turns out the Isle of Man has better credit too. Lu…
Once Again, Jon Stewart Owns Bill O’ Reilly [Video]
Bill O Reilly must be a glutton for punishment. Or Jon Stewart is the only liberal he respects enough to have on his show for debate. This time the two pundits went toe-to-toe over rapper Common being invited to the White House for a poetry reading.