Bill O Reilly must be a glutton for punishment. Or Jon Stewart is the only liberal he respects enough to have on his show for debate. This time the two pundits went toe-to-toe over rapper Common being invited to the White House for a poetry reading.While I am not an expert on the hippity-hoppity music, it is my understanding that Common is a social-rapper that tries to send a positive message in his lyrics, as opposed to the gun-toting gangster rappers. While many of his songs have dealt with the murder of policeman, it was Common's contention that African-Americans are often wrongly accused of these murders and convicted just because they were black.

As usual O' Reilly (and his friend Sean Hannity for that matter) lumped all the rappers into one. As a huge fan of Jon Stewart, I'm a bit biased. I believe he talks more "Common"-sense on his comedy show than most of the talking heads on the news. Watch the entire "Fair and Balanced" Fox News Video below and judge the debate winner for yourself: