Tyler + Taylor?
Country star Taylor Swift has been known to date men her senior, but not senior citizens. Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler showed an interest in the hitmaker, in more ways than one. The famous ladies man split with fiancé Erin Brady in January.
'Dream On', Massachusetts!
Politicians in Massachusetts are divided when it comes to the state's official rock song. One group is pulling for 'Dream On' by Aerosmith, while another proposed piece of legislation calls for 'Road Runner' by '70s rockers the Modern Lovers to be the official jam of th…
Bad Habits
You can't put a price of fun, as the old saying goes. However, in a new interview, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith believes he knows how much money he spent on cocaine in his wilder and crazier youth.
Songwriters HOF Inductees
Sometimes the drama surrounding Aerosmith is so great that it's hard to remember that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have written so many killer tunes. However, that fact is now likely to never be forgotten, as the Toxic Twins will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
Rockstars v. Hawaii
Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood recently appeared at a hearing in Hawaii to lobby legislators on behalf of stronger privacy laws for celebrities. The rockers spoke on behalf of Senate bill 465, which is now officially known as the Steven Tyler Act.
Steven Tyler's Privacy Battle
Legendary Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler is throwing the weight of his celebrity behind a bill that would help protect celebrities against invasion of privacy in the state of Hawaii.
Career-Saving Albums

Every once in a blue moon, a band puts out an album that's so powerful and successful that it provides something few artists ever get: a second chance. From stadium bands rebounding from flops to indie hopefuls doubting their futures, the acts featured on our list of 10 Albums That Saved a Band's Ca…

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