Steven Tyler Splits
After months of speculation, Steven Tyler and fiancee Erin Brady have broken up after a six-year relationship and a year-long engagement. The news was reported by the New York Post on Sunday (Jan. 13), who heard it from an unnamed source.
'Can't Stop Lovin' You'
Red flags were raised when it was learned that one of the songs on Aerosmith's new record, 'Music from Another Dimension,' was a duet with country superstar Carrie Underwood. The very thought of it seemed more manufactured by the folks at 'American Idol,' which Underwood won…
Crue Dragged Into Legal Battle
The brewing legal battle between Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and his former manager, Allen Kovac -- which just last month found Tyler issuing a public statement branding Kovac "rude" -- has spilled over into the Motley Crue camp.
Tyler Disses Manager
Steven Tyler's former manager is suing his current one, and trying to pin Tyler between a legal rock and a hard place in the process -- but the ever-feisty Aerosmith frontman is fighting back with a legal declaration that minces no words when it comes to why he swapped representation.
Aerosmith Bassist Contemplates Autobiography
What has it been like experiencing the long, strange journey of Aerosmith? Fans have gotten a glimpse of it thanks to autobiographies from Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer, and there may be even more insights coming from bassist Tom Hamilton.
Perry on Aerosmith's Future
It took Aerosmith an awfully long time to get back to the studio for this year's 'Music from Another Dimension' LP -- and according to recent comments from guitarist Joe Perry, it sounds like they aren't in any hurry to return.

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