This past weekend Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson saddled up on a bull named 'Deja Blue' for a charity bull ride. If Johnson / Ochocinco...whatever you want to call him even showed up, The Professional Bull Riders agreed to give him $10,000 for a charity of his choice and if he managed to hang on for an eight-second full ride. He also would have won a brand new Ford F150, which he said he would giveaway to a fan. Johnson also would have been able to permanently rename the bull of his choice. According to his twitter, Johnson already had a name picked out "Why not name the bull Marvin Lewis, everything he says about me is #Bull[$*!&] anyway." If Johnson did not show up, the PBR was going to name the bull 'No Show Cinco'.

Well, PBR doesn't have to buy him a new truck since he was only able to stay on for 1.5 seconds, in fact, he was off the bull, got up and was over the gate to getaway from the bull as the eight second buzzer went off.

While most pro athletes prefer less dangerous off-season ways of killing time such as playing golf or fishing, Johnson didn't seem too worried as he also tweeted "When I touch the football field there's a risk of being injured, playing da Steelers n Ravens is equivalent to 1 damn bull ride,"