That’s the question that motivated Stevie Johnson yesterday. The Joker, took on Batman and Robin and prevailed with three touchdowns. It didn't look so good in the beginning of the game, with the Bills spotting the Bengals and early 28-7 lead, but the Bills scored 39 straight points to win their second straight 49-31. It was their biggest comeback since “The comeback" and a game in 1997. Next up, another division leader, the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

CINCINNATI -- The Buffalo Bills were incensed as they walked into the locker room at halftime of Sunday's game.

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Stevie Johnson’s shirt under his jersey, which read ‘Why So Serious?’ in reference to the Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’ was Johnson’s attempt at playing the Joker to T.O. and Chad Ochocinco as the Batman and Robin duo. Ocho tweets about Johnson