Coming off the onslaught of beer and corned beef and with summer right around the corner it’s time for us beer drinkers and those who smoke to try and do something about losing weight, in spite of our habits.  The advice given is not about working out like the late Jack LaLanne; it’s about doing the little things to help make a big difference.

Lighten up- Switch from regular to light beer.  The obvious, fewer calories.

Water up- Drink water with every other drink you have. This will put a drink in your hand without the calories and will help detoxify your system.

Slow down- Sip, do not gulp.  The faster you drink the more you drink.

Exercise- This is inevitable. But come on.  You cannot walk or run ½ to one hour a day 3-4 days a week?

Eat right- I know the late night “right side of the menu” order seems like a good idea after a night out but be smart and order smart.  You will live to eat another steak sub another day.

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