selina kaye

Donte Whitner: Bills Will Improve
We all know the Bills have had a tough season. Jack FM's Selina Kaye caught up with Donte Whitner, to talk defense and whether or not he will remain with the Bills.

SMH: Hotel Bans Diddy after Model’s Hair Catches Fire!
Shake My Head. First off, this has to be the funniest most embarrassing moment of that poor girl's life!! While trying to be sexy in a hot tub, lined with candles on the sides- one model's hair gets caught on fire!! Ever wonder what a weave on fire looks like?? Well...
Miley Cyrus Caught Getting High
Just in time for the holidays. And its getting harder and harder to figure out if Miley Cyrus is naughty or nice. This video just got leaked through, of course, TMZ. It shows the 18 year old smoking out of a bong.