Just in time for the holidays. And its getting harder and harder to figure out if Miley Cyrus is naughty or nice. This video just got leaked through, of course, TMZ. It shows the 18 year old smoking out of a bong.

But she's not getting high off marijuana. Its Salvia-  perfectly legal in California. It's a psychoactive plant that causes trippy, freaked-out behavior.

Don't worry Miley, smoke anything you want. It's perfectly fine for your squeaky-clean image. In fact, here's a syringe. Can you please shoot up while I take this picture of you and my niece? She's a HUGE fan. You should see how she dances to that one song of yours...Seriously??!!! Come on Miley!! You're slippin' big time!! How are you going to let someone film you smoking that stuff? -or anything for that matter. You really think it's not going to be leaked on the Internet? NEWS FLASH: Everything gets leaked to the Internet!! SMH. Whatever backlash she gets from this she totally deserves it.

Apparently this video caused Miley so much anxiety that she had her people threaten a law suit and the video has been removed.