Saturday Night Live

SNL-The Ambiguously Gay Duo Back Again! [VIDEO]
Only this time, it was a little different. Thanks to a devious flesh ray, the ambiguously gay Ace and Gary were transformed into humans, played by none other than Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon.
Along for the hilarious ride were the original Ace and Gary, Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert, in this episode …
Tina Fey Back on ‘Saturday Night Live’
A very funny and pregnant Tina Fey returned to 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend for another round of hosting duties. As expected, the episode poked fun at the recent death of Osama bin Laden. The night also featured sketches written around Fey's pregnancy, a hilarious spoof of Bravo…
Best Of Will Ferrell!
In honor of Will Ferrell joining the Office for Steve Carell's final days, we thought we'd pick out our favorite Will Ferrell moments! Hopefully, he'll add a moment or two in the 4 episodes he will be on this season.

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