The President Cocktail [DRINKS WITH JACK]
I'm not here to encourage you to watch the presidential debates. But should you choose to do so, making the debate experience a little more exciting with a drinking game or a politically themed drink is something I can definitely encourage.
Candy Corn Shots [DRINKS WITH JACK]
It's officially October, which means now let us drown ourselves in Candy Corn Shots and other related sugary goodness. Let us not worry about our waistlines and bask in the glow that is Halloween candy. My teeth may fall out, but at least it was for a good reason!
Touchdown Cocktail [DRINKS WITH JACK]
Cheers to the Bills win against the Browns last Sunday (September 23)! Keep the celebration going with a delicious football-themed cocktail, the Touchdown. It's described as an “adult version of the classic Arnold Palmer."
Back-to-Schooltini [DRINKS WITH JACK]
Let the parents rejoice and the kids groan -- it's back-to-school time! I believe you can always create a reason to celebrate with an adult beverage, and the Back-To-Schooltini is the perfect cocktail to say “cheers” to shipping off your rugrats on the big yellow che…
Jack Your Melon [DRINKS WITH JACK]
I can't believe I found an adult cocktail that contains Mountain Dew! Now when I'm drinking a Jack Your Melon, I can quote Texas Ranger from Talladega Nights and say “I'm all JACKED UP on Mountain Dew!” Oh, it's the little things that get me …

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