The Black Jack is a tasty drink with very few ingredients, easily prepared while camping, at the beach or during any other sort of outdoor shenanigans. There are other drinks out there with the same name, but simplicity is the name of the game with this drink (Get it -- "name of the game&am…
Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade [DRINKS WITH JACK]
Oh baby, it's warm outside! Since Buffalo is going through the worst drought since 1956, people all around the city have been trying to stay cool by going to the beach, visiting the public pools, running through sprinklers or even breaking down and buying an air conditioner unit.
Tailgating Ideas to Impress Your Friends
If hot dogs, burgers and chips just aren’t cutting it anymore, it is time to spice up your culinary skills and bring a little bit more to the table (literally). These ideas are off the beaten path of predictable pregame snacks. Turn it up a notch and whip up one or more of the following to pl…