Watch This Retro Robot Replicate 80s Drum Beats
Have you ever wondered what kind of music robots would make? Turns out they can pull off some pretty sick 1980s drum machine beats, as evidenced by this video, which features the MR-808, an electromechanical music robot, emulating some oh-so-80s beats.
Black Keys Release Live EP, Plan New Album
Their last studio album, 'El Camino,' is less than a year old, and they've been on the road more or less constantly since it came out, but the Black Keys don't sound like they're in any hurry to take time off.
Aerosmith Compare New Album to a Tsunami, Bread
In the most recent episode of Aerosmith's Making of 'Music From Another Dimension' series, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry work to describe the energy and process of making an album the guitarist calls "closer to the bone and the skeleton of what Aerosmith is than any record …

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