Holiday Valley

Mudslide Obstacle Run Offers Good Clean Fun
Holiday Valley in Ellicottville is looking for individuals to participate in there Mudslide Obstacle Run on June 16th in Ellicottville, NY. The event is open for runners of any level who wish to compete in either a 3.5 mile or 5.4 mile course with 8 obstacles along the route.
Lack Of Snow Not A Problem For Local Ski Resort
Mother Nature has not been her normal snowy self yet this winter, but never fear...she will eventually arrive! In the meantime Holiday Valley has been making snow at every available opportunity.
This photo shows 10 to 15 foot mounds of manmade snow on the Northwind trail...
The Top Five and Only Places to Ski and Snowboard in Buffalo

Can you believe it snowed this morning? I know a lot of you are thinking that winter is going to be here soon and it’s going to be cold, icy driving conditions, shoveling the driveway every day, and there’s nothing fun to do outside. If you are one of those people that don’t lik…

Adventure Park Coming To Holiday Valley
I loathe the cold and snow. Although I’ve lived in Western New York my entire life, I should be used to the bone-chilling temperatures and trudging through inches—sometimes feet— of the white stuff, but I’m not.
Holiday Valley to Build Sky High Adventure Park
Holiday Valley’s President, Dennis Eshbaugh announced Saturday that the resort will be constructing an Adventure Park in the Tannenbaum area at Holiday Valley. The park will feature an Aerial Adventure Park and a Mountain Coaster. The Aerial Park will open in June of 2011 and the Mou…
Drop into the New Year
So no matter how your last night of 2010 goes there is one truly perfect way to spend your New Year's day. On the amazing slopes of a Ski Resort, there is nothing better than that.