Buffalo Bills Release Ryan Fitzpatrick
It's official. The Bills are in the market for a new quarterback. After hearing the comments from Buddy Nix about his gunslinger just a few days ago, I'm not really surprised.  He's done some great things for the Bills, but evidently not enough.  Today the Bills parted ways …
12 Ways to Ruin a Super Bowl Party
Just in case you've forgotten, the Super Bowl is this Sunday (February 3), and the Buffalo Bills are not playing, but your mom's neighbor is making her world famous chicken wing dip, which makes things a little bit better.
10 People You’ll Meet at a Super Bowl Party
The Super Bowl is easily the greatest sporting and TV event all year, and you know what that means-- awesome parties. Tons of food, tons of people and even more food always amounts to a good time, which is why we're psyched for Sunday.

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