11 Extreme Super Bowl Snacks
Only t-minus four days until the big game, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about the most important part of our Super Bowl party-- food. Nachos, sandwiches, pizza and anything greasy goes, as long as it's hardy and semi-manly. But how the heck are we supposed to choose with so many…
Manti Te’o’s EHarmony Ad
After days of eagerly awaiting an explanation to the bizarre case of Manti Te'o (meanwhile thoroughly enjoying the Tweets) we finally have some answers in the form of his eHarmony ad.
The Best Manti Te’o Jokes on Twitter
Have you been on Twitter lately? It's really just a repository for Manti Te'o jokes. Ever since it was revealed yesterday that Te'o's story about his perfect girlfriend dying of cancer was a big fat sham (for the full story, this is a good source), the only purpose anybody has to go on Twitter right…
What Football Players Are Really Saying
Do you ever wish that you could hear what your favorite football player was saying in the huddle to get his team fired up or the 'yo momma' jokes they are spitting across the line of scrimmage? Or even what coaches are saying to the refs when they look like they are about to have a stroke?
Watch a Dad’s Adorable Reaction to Scoring Game Tickets
No, this isn't an episode of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' that was left on the cutting room floor. It's actually a father receiving the best gift of his life -- tickets to a championship football game. With the holiday season winding down its nice to remember the little things in l…
High School Punter Boots the Ball 96 Yards
Just a few weeks ago, we saw a high school kicker top an NFL record by kicking a 67-yard field goal. Now comes a video of a punter who booted the ball 96 yards in a high school football game. Which begs the question: What kind of freaks will the next generation of athletes be? We may have to make&nb…

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