Here Are Eight Glorious Minutes of People Falling
Even though this dangerously slippery patch of pavement is helpfully marked with impossible-to-miss pylons, very few choose to go around it. This is great news for us, because it means we've got an eight-minute-long video of people slipping and falling on ice.
Buffett Biffs It!
Was Jimmy Buffett looking for his lost shaker of salt when he accidentally fell off the stage head first? At a concert today in Sydney, Austraila, Buffett fell off the stage and had to be taken to the hospital. Of course we have the video.
Winter Wipeouts
November brings leafless trees, frost covered mornings, and always, always the possibility of snow! As long as you're from Buffalo that is. So bring on the winter, the snow, the ice, and no doubt some great ideas to save you from winter boredom and make for the best wipeouts around...