Season 12 of "Dancing with the Stars" has been full of falls and mishaps, primarily from Kirstie Alley. Again this week there was a fall, but not from Alley. Karina Smirnoff ended Monday night's episode of on a bit of a low note, when the 33-year-old beauty fell in the middle of the ballroom floor.

The tumble happened near the beginning of her Paso Doble routine, when she accidentally slipped on partner Ralph Macchio's coat.

Luckily, the pair recover nicely -- enough to receive a score of 24 out of 30 from the judges. Even better, it wasn't even the lowest score of the night.

A visibly shaken Smirnoff thanked Macchio after the routine was over for helping her find her footing again. Whether this will affect the pair's chances of staying in the competition remains to be seen.  I don't watch "Dancing with the Stars." I figure I can get the highlights the next day in under five minutes. But from the buzz that is being generated, I think Smirnoff's fall will not put her in jeopardy of elimination. She and Macchio gained popularity early on in the competition and will probably continue to the top three.

 Check out the full routine below.