Hey, how you doing in that March Baldness office pool?  Oh right, sorry we forgot we’re not supposed to mention it when your human resources person is within ear shot. Well, after 3 weeks of heavy competition, Jack's March Baldness is down to the Follicle 4. Jaime-Lynn Winkler pulling off a huge upset in the Bald 8 and taking down the heavily favored Top Shelf Shavers. She battles Benjamin "the Brain" Reiman for the right to enter the Torpedo Two.

 Tom 'Baby Face' Orton has cruised into the Follicle 4 and takes on the surprising Nick Evanczik who has ridden his goatee and solar panel sex machine through the first 3 rounds of March Baldness.

When these guys (and gal) get together at family parties they end up the pole in a game of ring toss. They are all strong finalists, but only one can be 'crowned' Buffalo's Chrome Dome Champion. Your vote will decide who wins the $1000, and it will enter you to win a $1000 even if you have flowing locks. Voting in the Follicle 4 ends Sunday at 9am, with the Chrome Dome Championship ending Monday at Midnight.