OK, maybe that headline isn’t entirely true, but if you’re like me, you tried to “go green” and purchased environmentally safe Christmas lights. I’m thinking you may have come to the same conclusion as I:

They. Suck.

Let me break down our situation for you: Every year, we hang Christmas lights on our house. Our old ones still work (and look good). But we decided to do something for Mother Earth and bought the new LED lights. They’re up. And they’re coming down and going back to the store. They are terrible! The color is neon white, causing many aircrafts to second-guess runways all across the country. They don’t match the previous lights either. So now I have to throw out our relatively brand new net lights we use on our bushes and get new ones to match the neon color? Doesn’t that create more waste? How is that considered green?

This may be a dumb question, but do Christmas lights really use that much energy? I mean, I’m no Clark Griswold, so I don’t think I’m pushing the meter limit.

For now, I’d rather look like the village Scrooge and have a house sans lights then to pay a fortune so your house can look like a landing pad. If you LED Christmas light companies are reading this, I beg of you: Please. Please find an alternative to this strobe light white color. The entire planet depends on it.