Ever wonder why Jack FM has no DJ's. You might want to ask Rush Limbaugh. Once again, the pompous conservative pundit put his foot in his mouth again and again last week. Limbaugh called Georgetown University College Student Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute because she told congress that birth control coverage is essential to health care.

What a surprise Limbaugh said something stupid on the air. Now, like the rythm method, advertisers are pulling out. Some are calling for Limbaugh to be taken off the air. Now he is back peddling and apologized once he figured out that his show stood to lose millions. Whose the whore now? 

Everyone knows that Jack FM gets our news from trusted sources like Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart and they both played back Limbaugh's comments on Monday night, and those of conservative presidential hopefuls.  Surprisingly, the candidates didn't disagree with Limbaugh's views, just the way he said it. Of course this was just the "lamestream media", picking on poor Rush. Like Colbert said in a tweet on Monday "Where will Summer's Eve get a spokesperson now?"