Let's face it guys, once you get married (or settle down with your live-in concubine) your "Dogs Playing Poker" artwork and Star Wars collectibles get shoved into the attic in favor of decorative candle holders, pillow shams and ottomans. If you're lucky, you are given a room where you can still feel like a man, and generally it's your dumpy, little basement.

Jack FM feels your pain, and wants to stock up your man-room with some testorone. Win Jack's Dumpy, Little Basement and we'll fill it with a pool table, X-box, sports and music memorabilia, mini-fridge, even a 50 inch flat screen. Starting Monday, listen at 9 am, 2 pm and 4 pm and get qualified with a Jack FM Beer Helmet and maybe you can turn your dumpy, little basement into an elegant and exclusive hideaway.

See what's inside Jack's Dumpy, Little Basement here.