Even if you’re 40 years old and still living with your mom, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a proper man room. You can win Jack FM’s Dumpy, Little Basement and get yourself all testosterone loaded with a Pool table, Guitars, Mini-Fridge, X-box, Autographed Sports and Music Memorabilia…even a TV. Get qualified weekdays starting Monday at 9, 2 and 4 with a Jack FM beer helmet. Who doesn’t love Beer Helmets (Sorry, but you’re gonna have to get your own beer)? And you don’t have to be a momma’s boy to win Jack’s Dumpy, Little Basement. But it sure would come in handy if you were.

Allentown Music

Allentown music is throwing in everything you need to get you on your way to telling girls at a bar that you play guitar!

  • Starcaster by Fender electric guitar package including a 10 watt amplifier, picks, strap, cable & strings
  • Starcaster by Fender acoustic guitar package including picks, strap & strings
  • Gig bags
  • Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method grade 1
  • One half hour guitar lesson to get you started
  • Guitar Stands
  • Quik Time QT-15 guitar tuner
  • Guitar pegwinder
  • Pickholders

  • Buffalo Trim

    Just because you still live with your parents doesn't mean you shouldn't look good. So our friends at Buffalo Trim want to give you haircuts FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR


    Dirt Cheap TV

    Don't let the name fool you, the prices might be low but the quality of the 50 inch TV the boys at Dirt Cheap have given us is anything but cheap

    Franco's Pizza

    Face it, your mom is tired of making you dinner every night and you have no idea how to cook beyond using the toaster. That's why Franco's Pizza is gonna hook you up with PIZZA FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR

    Gary's Pools

    Your friends, if you have any, aren't just gonna wanna come over to listen to you play guitar, eat pizza and watch TV. So you'll have Gary's Pools to thank when you take all your friend's beer money once you figure out how to be a pool shark.

    Hard Rock Cafe

    What better way to pretend like you leave the house than with sweet gear from Hard Rock Cafe? Oh they'll also be throwing in some autographed pictures from celebrities so on the off chance you anyone comes over to your place - you can pretend like you know famous people...WIN!


    You know what's better than drinking one beer at a time? Drinking TWO beers! Do you know what's even better than that? NOT USING YOUR HANDS!! The team at Molson know this and that's why you'll be getting your very own JackFM Beer Helmet. Oh yeah, and some beer money to go with it

    Bases Loaded Sports Collectables

    Autographed posters from Ryan Miller, Rene Robert, and Gilbert Perrault and an autographed mini-helmet from Bruce Smith. Check out all the great memorabilia from Bases Loaded at basesny.com