Admit it: Somewhere in a box in your attic or basement, there's a bunch of photos that you'd rather never see the light of day again. (Or, if you have a friend like me, there's an entire Facebook photo album someone put up "because they're funny" but OMG, SERIOUSLY, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??)

You know the ones: You with big hair on the first day of high school. You at senior prom wearing that shiny-pink-satin dress or that tux with the ruffles. And is that a fanny pack you spy tucked underneath that sweatshirt that's tied around your waist in the photo from that one family vacation?

Find those photos. Send us those photos. We want to see those photos -- and we've got a Nikon CoolPix S800c (with memory card and carrying case) from Delaware Camera and 500 bucks to give away to the poor, unfortunate soul who submits the best one as part of Jack's Throwback Photo Contest.

Use the form below to send us one of your old-school shots (bonus points may be awarded for Polaroids) by noon on Friday, September 27. After that, we'll put it to a vote to determine the best (worst) throwback photo.

Tell that friend who put it on Facebook she'll be required to vote for you a whole lot. She owes you one.