Excuse us for just one second...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....You guys look ridiculous!!

Ahem -- now that we've got that out of our systems, we're proud to present our Jack's Throwback photo contest finalists! And, oh, are they good.

Take a look below, then click the button at the bottom to cast your vote for the one you laugh the most at...or the one whose subject you feel the worst for...whatever.

You MUST be a Freeloader to vote, and you can vote once per day. Voting is open from 12 a.m. on Monday, September 30 to 11:59 p.m. on Monday, October 14. After that, we'll tally the votes and crown the winner of a Nikon CoolPix S800c(with memory card and carrying case) from Delaware Camera and $500!

Sandy Wistner

Submitted by Sandy Wistner

"Holy hair! Getting ready for the prom!"

Lauren Kirby

Submitted by Lauren Kirby

"Fifth grade school 'personality picture'. Has been a classic in my house for the past 13 years, not that I enjoy it being shown to everyone who comes over!"

Rob Daeschler

Submitted by Rob Daeschler

"This is a pic of my dad taken during the '70s. He looks kind of like a leprechaun, doesn't he?"

Ellen Feeney

Submitted by Ellen Feeney

"This is a photograph of my brother-in-law Jason. He was a water boy for his brother Phil's sports team (late '80s) If this picture doesn't scream embarrassing, you're probably still living in the '80s, or you're Richard Simmons. I told him to enter this contest, but he was too lazy (remind you of anyone?)! I entered for him! Please let us win so we can take embarrassing pictures of other family members now, so in 20 years we can re-enter a similar contest! Muahahaha"

Heidi Guenther

Submitted by Heidi Guenther

"My dance gear when I danced to 'Let's Get Physical' by Olivia Newton-John in the early '80s. I really hated this haircut."