A mother's day has been forever ruined for Melissa Bosley when her daughter, Samantha Conthran,23, died in shooting that occurred over the weekend on Minnesota Avenue in Buffalo's University District. According to the The Buffalo News, Joshua Parker, also struck, has been listed in stable condition at Erie County Medical Center. Which has us wondering what is going on with crime in Buffalo?

Although the motive for the shooting remains unknown, this isn't the first time Buffalo's reported of shootings in the downtown Buffalo area. Remember the City Grill shooting in 2010? With a reputation of having high crime and unemployment rates, Buffalo didn't help to counteract these claims this Mother's Day.

We know that Buffalo is much more than its crime ratings. There's a reason people grow up and stay here but, the unnecessary and unexpected crime got us wondering how people feel when heading into downtown Buffalo.

Contributed by: Marissa Bruno