It's true, another iconic piece of our childhood is gone:  in July, McDonald's is getting rid of that sweet, delicious, upper-lip and t-shirt-staining orange Hi-C.

One of my favorite sights as a kid was rolling up on a birthday party or school function, seeing moms and dads lugging that signature yellow 5 gallon drum with the red top, because you knew you were in store for non-stop, all-you-can-pour orange drink. (Strangely enough, it's the only orange-flavored thing I actually liked!)  As of July, kids will never know that silly plastic-jug love. forum via BiggerSmaller

However, in a redeeming effort, they've come up with something pretty darn cool, especially if you or someone you regularly eat with are a multi-fry eater!

While I'm a one-at-a-time fry eater, we all know someone who crams a puckered-fingered-fist-ful into their mouths.  Savages!


But for those savages, they give you: the Frork.

Remember the limited release of the Big Mac Special Sauce at Buffalo area Mickey D's?  There were lines for sure...and this Friday, when the Frork goes public, there will be quite a bit of excitement!

How and where can you get yours?  Call 844-McD-FRORK or check out this site!

So, are you a one-at-a-timer or a multi-fry-stuffer?