People with diseases are suing food establishments blaming them for creating their bad health conditions. Now it seems they can sue, on the grounds of discrimination, in lieu of their current health problems. A California man says is suing the owner Los Angeles sushi restaurant for $4,000, the L.A. Times reports.

Vidya Rao from msn Bites on Today reports that David Martin wanted to take advantage of a $28 all-you-can-eat sushi deal at A Ca-Shi Sushi, a restaurant in the affluent Studio City section of Los Angeles.

Martin enjoyed the food but wasn’t willing to clean his plate. He was eating just the fish, and leaving the rice behind (which meant what he really wanted was all-you-can-eat sashimi).

Martin told the owner, Jay Oh, that he had diabetes and couldn’t eat the rice.  Martin claims he was being discriminated against “on the basis of his disability” and filed suit seeking $4,000 for “humiliation, embarrassment and mental anguish."
Do you know what's embarrassing,  humiliating and causing me mental anguish?   People like David Martin who waste people's time, money and energy to file frivolous lawsuits  looking for an angle to get paid!  Why $4,000? Why not $400,000 or 4 million?   Bass hole.