We all know that Buffalo loves beer! We drink it when we are watching sporting events, at parties, lawn fetes, our favorite restaurants, and many other occasions. So when Sunoco decided to initiate its Craft Beer Exchange Pilot Program, there was no question it should be tested in Western New York first.

At 12 Sunoco APlus stores were retrofitted with beer taps and kegerators, to allow the convince stores to fill and sell glass growler containers, with small-batch draft beer, right in the store.

"Just during this first month, it really has been a success by word of mouth alone," said Joe McGinn, a spokesman for Sunoco. "It's clear there's interest there."

Using a Growler for the container makes it possible to for the half-gallon glass jugs to be refillable. After the contaier if filled up, they seal it with a sticker to comply with the New York State’s container law.

The Growler is going for $3.99 but Sunoco is giving them away free for the first month with the purchase of a fill-up.

Please Drink Responsibly.