A women in Superior, WI not only offered to sell off her ex-husband and his junk, but she also tagged a GMC Yukon with lots of bright graffiti and bad words. There’s also a flat tire on the vehicle. Warning: the photos are NSFW. But they sure are funny, as she calls him out for being a “cheater,” “a douche” and a “f—er.” We almost feel sorry for the car.

Not since Linda Barrett got revenge on Mike Damone and his (what-looked-like-a-Gremlin) car in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ for impregnating her BFF Stacy by spraypainting “prick” on the door have we had such a hearty laugh at a scorned woman expressing her rage and wrath on a vehicle. You’ve never…go watch it right now. We’ll wait.

Local radio station MIX108 and its quick snapping photog captured the images, including ones of the cops arriving on the scene around 4PM to inspect the debris. There was also a pile of ash on site, which would indicate that the angry woman set her ex’s things on fire and that which she didn’t burn, she left strewn in a heap.

The truck was removed about an hour later, but his stuff remained on the lawn. Everyone has to air their dirty laundry once in a while and express their rage, but this mess makes the property values plummet!

Nope, we can’t stop humming that Carrie Underwood song either.