A group called Corporate Accountability International plans to ask Ronald to retire at the company's annual meeting on Thursday. They say “Ronald encourages kids to eat junk food, contributing to a rise in childhood obesity and related diseases such as diabetes.”

Seriously, when I read the story at msn.com I thought this was a bad joke or a brilliant publicity stunt.  I was wrong.  It's just another sad example of what this country has become, a "Blame others for anything and everything" society. 

We have all heard “everything in moderation” right?  How about “take responsibility for your own actions”? I love fast food, alcohol and the sun.  BUT I do not wash down my fries and burger with cold beers and shots while sitting under a tanning lamp all the time.  And even if I did, why would I blame anyone else for my behavior?  

MSN.com reports: The group, which campaigned against the Joe Camel cigarette mascot in the '90s and complained about Ronald as a role model at McDonald's annual meeting last year, has stepped up its campaign. The group has taken out full-page ads Wednesday in the Chicago Sun-Times, New York Metro and four other papers to call for his head. The ads, signed by more than 550 health groups and professionals, carry the headline, "Doctors' Orders: Stop Marketing Junk Food To Kids."

WOW! Why not take the time, effort and money to educate on how to eat healthy? This group is seriously asking a major corporation to fire a guy in clown make-up and clothes. As if Ronald McDonald is THE ONLY REASON kids are fat? It probably has nothing to do with them being lazy, lethargic and unmotivated? And where are the parents? When I was a kid if I didn't eat my HOME COOKED MEAL, I went to bed hungry. Here's an idea: HEY PARENTS! STOP FEEDING YOUR KIDS FAST FOOD AND START THEM ON AN EXERCISE REGIMENT!

Stop blaming clowns, camels, cartoons and anything else because it’s easy! Start teaching people to take responsibility for their own actions. Ronald doesn’t have a McGun to anyone’s head forcing them to eat his food. Look out Burger King and Wendy you could be next!