Ah, it’s that time of year again -- the time where we all calmly shop in peace while sharing laughs and good times together. We are all sure to remember the holiday spirit by helping others and being thankful for what we have.


While all of the big box stores are battening down the hatches for this Friday (or is it Thursday now?), I’ve been compiling some of the craziest Black Friday stories ever. After reading about some of these, you may want to see if there are any sales on bulletproof vests this year.

1. People are already camping out at Best Buy for this year’s sales.  What could possibly be worth sleeping in a tent in a parking lot for five days? Apparently something, according to these people.

2. Remember when a woman was trampled at the Target on Delaware Avenue? You know it’s bad when you can’t tell if the video clip is just a bunch of crazy shoppers or a scene from The Walking Dead.

3. Some people hate waiting in lines so much that they let you wait in line for them and just shoot you and unsuccessfully steal your goods. Luckily, this man survived.

4. With so many deals on Black Friday, it can be hard to maintain focus. Someone apparently stole 500 shopping carts from a Toys ‘R Us in the Bronx. Everyone assumed that the thieves were crazy, but maybe they just had some serious shopping to do.

5. They say you should carry pepper spray if you go jogging by yourself at night – NOT if you’re just trying to get an Xbox 360. So, what self-defense class did this woman take?

6. Again, crazy shoppers, or a scene from 28 Days Later? Walmart, in true form, was selling waffle makers for $2, and this video was the result. The shoppers who weren't able to grab a waffle maker had to settle with reoccurring views of the woman in the blue t-shirt’s butt crack.

Be careful out there!