Many companies in the US don’t offer paid maternity leave to new moms. And now that nearly 40 percent of them are their family’s sole breadwinner, a new survey finds mothers aren’t taking much time off before going back to work.

A CareerBuilder survey of 600 working moms revealed that a quarter of them who’ve had a baby in the past three years didn’t take all the maternity leave allowed by their employers. More than a third were off less than six weeks, and one in 10 took only two weeks of R&R after giving birth.

Increasing financial pressures have also meant moms are having a harder time balancing their personal and professional lives, with a quarter saying they’ve missed at least three significant events in their children’s lives in the last year due to work obligations. Even worse, 30 percent of working moms report spending less than two hours a day with their kids.

Hope Gurion, chief development officer at CareerBuilder, said, “As more moms assume the sole or primary breadwinner role in their households, they’re feeling increasingly torn between providing financial security for their families and having quality time at home.”