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When your child gets in trouble at school, you usually assume there was some kind of bad behavior involved.  Maybe they used potty words. Maybe they shoved someone.  Maybe they mouthed off.

But this 7-year-old girl was reprimanded for writing her name.

In cursive.

As we've heard, many elementary schools are opting to not teach cursive writing as of late.  This article from 2013 says many are saying it's a big ol' waste of time.  I've always wondered how these children are expected to sign their names, years from now, when they buy a house or car, apply for jobs, or anything else that requires "official signature".  Are they just going to print it?  Seems to me that would leave a lot of room for forgery.

"Alyssa"'s mom, a veteran, had taken the time to teach her daughter cursive, as her school was one that had opted out of teaching it.  But her teacher pointed out that she had had "several warnings."

As you can see from the comments in the post above, moms and dads were NOT having it.  And there's actually good reason why kids SHOULD still learn the art of cursive.  According to

  • Studies show that printing letters and writing in cursive use different parts of the brain, with the latter helping to develop a child's fine motor skills. Not only that, in one study, people who wrote in cursive showed more brain activity than those who printed or typed — and they also generated more words and ideas.

  • Kids who learn cursive have been seen to score higher on reading and spelling tests and have a better ability to retain information.

  • Some people with learning disabilities, like dyslexia, or severe brain injuries can understand cursive better than print.

Where do you stand on the issue?

...and what's happening in your child's school?