So there it is... The Buffalo Bills are number 1 in the AFC East, 3-0, and just beat the New England Patriots!... "Is this real life?" I still get chills just thinking about the events of yesterday's game that set the Bills up for the WIN!

Being 25, and not remembering much of the early 90's Buffalo Bills, I can wholeheartedly say this might have been the game of my life! Just to give you an idea of the game if you weren't able to physically be there...

Fans were loud and rowdy from the very beginning. Ralph Wilson Stadium was filled with more to come! Our beloved Bills come charging out of the tunnel and the whole house erupts! Even throughout the first half with the Bills looking a little rough, no one lost faith... Well it did help that the week before, Bills vs. Raiders, the Bills came out in the second half as a whole new team. Whispers were going around at half time "What's going on?? We looked so good last week!!", "We need to step it up this looks like the Bills from last season..." and all you heard as a rebuttal was "Dude, don't you remember last week... I bet they are going to come out hot in the second half..." and that was an understatement!

The second half was like a dream come true. Three interceptions and some nail biting football! There wasn't one second that fans weren't screaming at the top of their lungs "LET'S GO BUFFALO!!" Followed by the slamming on the seats, which made your body vibrate if you were one of the select few sitting! Every play in the second half was followed by screams and cheers... Fans running up and down the isles slapping hands, hugging, picking up people they didn't know in celebration!!... Who would have thought the 2011 season would start like this!! If you missed any of the big plays yesterday check out the highlights below!! If you were there you probably are still recovering or in shock!... But most of you are proud to not have a voice!! Let's Go Buffalo!! Bring on the Bengals.