Ever hear of Lightbulb Day, Buffalo? It's the coolest, unique tradition I have heard of in a long time that one WNY family celebrates.

Lightbulb Day 2016 -- December 21

It's the Ross' family tradition and it starts by turning off all the lights and lighting the candles and fireplace to start the 'festivities' including, Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Here's how Deb Ross says she came up with the idea,

I did not, strictly speaking, invent Lightbulb Day. I saw the name "Lightbulb Day" somewhere on the internet as a way someone had devised of celebrating the holidays without religion, and I adopted and made it our own. (After all, isn't that the way most inventions evolve?) On December 21, the "darkest evening of the year," the day when we symbolically most need technology, our two families celebrated human ingenuity, creativity, reason, and invention. Both families have long since moved from Kreag Road, but my husband and I decided it was worthwhile to continue our new tradition with our own kids.