Jack's hungry, so we took to Facebook to find out where we should go to lunch for burgers to celebrate National Hamburger Month. We decided to eliminate chain restaurants, so honorable mention goes out to "5 guys burgers," "Cheeburger, Cheeburger" and "Zebbs". We'd also like to give an honorable mention to Carl from the neighborhood who grills a mean burger, even though he forces us to eat it on white bread.

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    Roaming Buffalo Truck

    The Roaming Buffalo earned its way to the top 5 for their B-Lo Classic burgers. Oh, and because not only do they have great burgers, they manage to do it in a van full of kitchen equipment. Grab some of these delicious burgers curbside and if you can catch a passing ice cream truck, have a full course meal in your driveway.

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    The Ale House

    Not only does Amherst's Pizza and Ale House have award winning food and succulent burgers they also have100 different types of beer (16 drafts and 80+ bottles). The beer alone would have put them on the Jack FM list.

    Amherst Pizza and Ale House Website
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    Bill Gray's

    Bill Gray's have been cooking up these mouthwatering beef patties since 1938. and the "Ultimate Bacon Cheesburger" sounds ridiculous. They are the 10 time winner of the Rochester Democrat Chronicle's best burger in Rochester. Would love to see these guys duke it out with Buffalo's Best two, who you picked on facebook.

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    Vizzi's is one of those places where they stack your plate up on portions. Most famous for "The Monster Burger". The Monster, by the way, is named such because it is 1/2 pound of beef and "no you can't get anything smaller." If you haven't heard of Vizzi's stop living under a rock and get out there. Taste these scrumptious burgers and tell us they lived up those expectations. With enough leftovers for you and your family of 10.

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    Grover's was the hands-down top choice in our facebook poll,easily earning a spot in the top 5. We dare you to eat the whole thing. Not only have they mastered the art of the perfect compilation of bun, patty, burger ingredients but they took it a step further, Cheeseburger soup. A soup that actually tastes like a melted down cheeseburger with shreds of lettuce, tomato chunks, burger chunks and saucy cheese. If you live in Buffalo and haven't had a burger from Grover's, you haven't lived.