The Basil 'Vehicles for Vets' has started! The final giveaway will be on August 14th at the Erie County Fair, also Veterans Day at the Fair - free admission to all those who are serving & have served! There will be 9 finalists total, and they can win a new car or $21,000 in Basil bucks towards the purchase of a vehicle.

Alfred Ligammari is our next finalist and he was nominated by his soon to be WIFE Kassie Sillett! Here is what she wrote:

"Alfred is not only my amazing fiancé but he is also my hero. He works more than 60 hours a week to provide for me and his son who lives in Oregon. Alfred is a kind hearted man who deserves the world. He was deployed in Afghanistan and also served at a base in Germany for three years away from his family. Alfred is caring and generous to all he meets. He is helpful and the most respectful person I have ever met. Al just got home from Germany last October and his truck is very old. We are looking to buy a new one but with buying plane tickets for his son every few months to come here money can be very tight. Alfred deserves to be worry free of a vehicle for once in his life. He has never bought a brand new car and this would mean the world to him."