Is finding the perfect gift for dad for Father’s Day a challenge for you too? Dad seems to have “everything” where as a woman can never have enough jewelry, clothes, skin care products, even knick-knacks. If you haven’t gone shopping yet (like me) you still have time. Here a list of some gift ideas for dad.

Grilling Tools: Dad may not be chef in the kitchen, but I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to the grill, most men consider themselves culinary artists. I know my husband always gets a charge when those coals are aflame. Grilling tools and accessories like skewers, tongs, spatulas, and grilling baskets for vegetables and meat, are great items and a lot of times they come in a gift set, so you have a little bit of everything.

Sports Tickets:  If your dad goes through withdraw when there isn’t a sporting event of any kind on TV, chances are he is a sports-a-holic. With that being said, I bet he would love a pair of tickets to a sporting event. Plus, two tickets are very easy to gift wrap! Maybe if you drop enough hints, he’ll even take you to the game.

Gift Baskets: Yeah, I know. A gift basket sounds girly. However, fill it with some of dad’s favorite, can’t-live-without items and goodies, (his favorite snacks, candies and beverages) and he’ll tear into that sucker so fast, you won’t have time to worry if he thinks it’s too girly. You can make the basket yourself or order a pre-made basket. This is a great idea, especially if distance is a factor.

Backyard Fire Pit: Nothing says the great outdoors like sitting around a fire at night roasting marshmallows. A backyard fire pit is something that dad can enjoy with family and friends. They are a bit pricey, but get a few people to go in on it, and not only does dad get a gift he’ll love, but you won’t break the bank.

Gift Cards: I’m a fan of the gift card. If that’s all I ever get at every gift-giving occasion, I’ll be a happy woman. But we’re talking about dad, so I’ll get back on track. If dad is a really hard-to-buy guy (or picky) get him a gift card to his favorite restaurant, sporting goods store, hardware store, etc.

Click here to check out another website I found with more great ideas for dad. Happy shopping!