In the next couple of weeks, there will be plenty of High School seniors graduating and moving on to college with the foggiest idea of what to do next.

We are here to help, so we found the Top 5 Non-Mainstream Degrees kids can get at college according to

5. Bagpiping - What you study:“a program of study where a person can get a complete grounding in music as well as specific instruction on the instrument.”

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4. Farrier Science - What you study:  "The art of horseshoeing"

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3.  Popular Culture - What you study: “Everyday life, including but not limited to everything that is mass produced by us and for us. Its subject matter is the world in which we live, relax and have fun.”

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2. Beatles, Popular Music and Society - What you study: “examine the significance of the music of The Beatles in the construction of identities, audiences, ethnicities and industries, and localities.” 

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1. Auctioneering - What you study:  "How to be an auctioneer, from learning the “auctioneer’s chant,” obtaining and appraising items to running an auction from start to finish."

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