NFL phenom Tim Tebow has trademarked the term "Tebowing," the move where he goes down on one knee and holds a clenched fist against his forehead while praying during games. He hasn't done much "Tebowing" this season, so it seems this trademark comes about a year too late. The QB says he wants to ensure that the term "Tebowing" isn't used inappropriately and wants control it.

I knew it was something that was cool for me in the past; but it's not something I do as 'Tebowing.' It's something I do that's prayer for me and it got hyped as 'Tebowing.'

Crap, that means no more inappropriate 'Tebowing' when your drunk friend passes out or parody memes. Don't want to get sued in the name of the Lord. I never understood how you can trademark language. Making it even worse, Tim Tebow, didn't even come up with the word "Tebowing".

Jack FM just trademark the word "praying," so good luck with using that word, Tim.